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**Leistune Audi ZF8 Transmission Tune - Enhanced Product Features:**

- **Tailored Turbo Support:**

This transmission tune is intricately designed to cater to a wide array of turbo configurations, ensuring optimal performance for every setup:

- **Stock A8 Turbos (A8 only):**

Enhances factory setups by refining efficiency and power delivery, offering noticeable improvements in responsiveness.

- **RS7/S8 Turbos:**

Specifically tuned for vehicles upgraded with RS7/S8 turbochargers, this setting maximizes power output and torque, providing a significant boost in acceleration and top-end speed while maintaining stability.

- **Small Hybrid Turbos:**

Optimizes smaller hybrid turbos for improved throttle response and power across a broader RPM range, ensuring quick spooling and a seamless blend of power and drivability.

- **Medium Hybrid Turbos:**

Tailored for mid-range hybrid turbo systems, this tune balances increased power with reliability, enhancing mid-range torque and high-end power without sacrificing daily comfort.

- **Large Hybrid Turbos:**

Maximizes the potential of large hybrid turbo systems, pushing the boundaries of performance for the ultimate driving experience, tailored for aggressive acceleration and high-speed endeavors.

- **Full Frame Turbos:**

- **7000 rpm shifts**
- **7200 rpm shifts**
- **7400 rpm shifts**
- **7600 rpm shifts**
- **7800 rpm shifts**
- **8000 rpm shifts**

- **Enhanced Driveability:**

Revolutionizes everyday driving by smoothing out transmission behaviors, optimizing part-throttle shifts to keep the vehicle consistently within the power band, combining performance with comfort.

- **Adaptive Shift Points:**

Allows the Transmission Control Unit (TCU) to dynamically adjust shift points based on current driving conditions and individual habits, offering a personalized driving experience from fuel-efficient cruising to sporty, aggressive driving.

- **Unmatched Clamping Pressure:**

Sets a new industry standard with the highest clamping pressure available, significantly enhancing the transmission's ability to handle increased torque loads, improving power delivery, and reducing slip for faster, more reliable shifts.

- **Refined Shift Quality:**

Redefines shift quality by maintaining a smooth, stock-like feel during regular, part-throttle driving, while providing lightning-fast, precise shifts when at full throttle, for an exhilarating performance that rivals the best in motorsports.

- **Sport Mode Optimization:**

Reprograms the sport mode shifting strategy to keep the engine RPM within an optimal range, reducing turbo lag and ensuring sustained peak performance, ideal for spirited driving or track days.

Through meticulous development and a focus on quality, the Leistune Audi ZF8 Transmission Tune delivers a transformative driving experience, redefining expectations for vehicle performance and responsiveness. Whether cruising city streets or dominating the racetrack, Leistune provides the tools for peak automotive performance.

**Customer Acknowledgment and Agreement:**

By purchasing or installing the Leistune Transmission Tune, the customer acknowledges and agrees to the terms outlined in this Safety Plan and Release of Liability. The act of purchasing or installing the software constitutes the customer's electronic signature and agreement to these terms.

**Safety Plan:**
1. **Risk Awareness:** Customers must recognize the inherent risks associated with vehicle modifications, including potential increased wear on vehicle systems and the risk of accidents due to enhanced performance capabilities.
2. **Legal Compliance:** Customers are responsible for ensuring their modified vehicle complies with all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
3. **Installation Requirements:** The Leistune Transmission Tune should be installed strictly according to the provided guidelines. Leistune is not liable for any issues arising from incorrect installation.
4. **Vehicle Maintenance:** Customers should ensure their vehicle is in optimal condition before installing the tune, with particular attention to engine, transmission, brakes, and suspension systems.
5. **Safety Equipment:** It is recommended that customers employ suitable safety measures, including the use of seat belts, helmets, and other protective gear when operating a modified vehicle.
6. **Professional Advice:** Customers are encouraged to seek advice from qualified automotive professionals regarding the suitability and installation of the Leistune Transmission Tune for their specific vehicle and needs.

**Release of Liability:**
Customers hereby release, indemnify, and hold harmless Leistune, its officers, employees, agents, and successors from any liabilities, damages, injuries, or accidents that may occur as a result of installing and using the Leistune Transmission Tune. This includes but is not limited to damages resulting from accidents, legal infractions, or improper installation.

**Limitation of Liability:**
Leistune's total liability is limited to the purchase price of the Transmission Tune. Leistune shall not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising from the use or performance of the product.

By purchasing and/or installing the Leistune Transmission Tune, the customer acknowledges they have read, understood, and agreed to all terms and conditions stated within this document. The act of purchasing or installing the tune is deemed as the customer's acceptance and electronic signature, binding them to the terms of this safety plan and release of liability.


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